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[18 Dec 2009|08:44pm]
If you have problems in [info]rps comment here.

Also, for those of you getting comments from the weirdos who want you to buy knock offs or whatever please delete their comment and mark it as spam. We ban them and they just make more bot journals - there's not much else we can do. Thank you!

I realize certain people are at their shenanigans again - there isn't much we can do except close membership and moderate posts. Given how many posts go into rps a day that's a pretty impossible, we honestly just don't have the time. We try to get to things as soon as we can, but usually by then it's off the page. Unfortunately banning the trolls doesn't do much because they just make new journals. We realize it's really annoying, but getting foul in comments because we don't delete things fast enough is pretty silly. All we can do is ignore them and hope they stop.
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